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About Us Company

Who We Are

We have a finance company established from 1985 DHANAVIJAYA TRADERS , South bazaar Thrissur. More over Mr C A Anto chairman of PNL is the AKPBA President, Thrissur* (all Kerala private bankers association) for these last 3 years.
Puthenpally Nidhi Limited company in Thrissur have the professional experience to meet customer requirements with unparalleled service standards in the industry. Our main objective is to encourage and afford all facilities for creating saving habits and to render all financial assistance to our trusted customers.
Providing a world class financial support, Puthenpally Nidhi Limited is continuously securing the society, we live in; on the other side, creating all new service method spontaneously Puthenpally Nidhi Limited is presenting a pleasant way which will help human being to lead the life comfortably.

Why Choose Puthenpally Nidhi Limited

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most valued trusted financial service provider at the doorstep of the common man, by our all financial product to satisfying our members need with easy and simply methods.

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